Sunday, 19 May 2013

Quote for the day

"My success, part of it certainly, is that I have focused in on a few things." - Bill Gates

The James Bond Method To Stock Trading

So you want to be high flyer? Drive fast cars, attract the hot women, and travel the world? What sounds like the James Bond way of living, isn’t actually too far off that of a successfully wild stock trader?

While this approach might not be the most risk-adverse style of trading , we can all learn a thing or two from James Bond when it comes to making big bucks in the stock market.

Don't worry about the consequences
While he may get himself into some crazy situations, James Bond never lets fear get in the way of getting the job done. Bond will walk straight into dark hallways and rooms filled of bad guys, confident that he has the upper hand.

Just like Bond, you too can block out potential consequences of stock trading. Don't let the fear of losing money or a failed trade scare you away. Head into any situation, confident in your trading strategy.

Never get stressed out
For as great as Bond is, no other action hero gets caught into messy situations as much as Bond does. From the initial capture to just seconds before he finds his way out, Bond never loses his cool.

He stays calm under pressure and focuses on what to do next, rather than what might happen.

Just like Bond, you too can learn to keep cool under difficult situations. Understand that you don’t necessarily need to sell at the first sign of red or throw more money at the stock. Simply stay calm, asses the situation, and find your way out.

Don't stick around too long
Just as fast as the actual characters who play Bond shift, Bond himself never stays in one place too long. One second he could be in Russia and the next minute he is in Las Vegas. Even the time he spends with a woman is never too long to get him into any trouble.

Like Bond, you too should never stay around a stock too long. For quick action, jump from stocks to stocks finding the ones with the most momentum and skipping out on the stale ones.

While Bond may be running to stop a nuclear bomb from going off, there is always enough time for a drink or a romantic night with a lady friend.

While stock trading is a serious matter, it doesn't have to all be about facts and figures. Make sure to set time aside and enjoy the fruits of your labor. It keeps the game interesting.

Find the latest and greatest
Bond movies are loved in large part due to the amazing gadgets and gizmos Bond uses. Whether it is a car that can become invisible or a car that can be driven by a phone, Bond always has advanced tools to help him get the job done.

In stock trading, the big bucks are made in speculation. By betting on certain companies, products, or sectors, you give yourself an opportunity to be ahead of the curve and profit once the benefit is realized.

Have a constant
“A martini. Shaken, not stirred”
One of the most popular lines in all of cinema, throughout all the changes the drink of choice for Bond has not altered.

Just like Bond, you too should have a constant. Something you can fall back on. It could be a go-to stock, sector, or type of trading strategy.

The key is to have something to fall back on when times get rough.

Leverage everything
Every action Bond takes requires him to leverage everything. Whether it is to jump out of building with no parachute or jump in tank full of sharks, Bond puts everything on the line for the big prize, the homerun, if you will.

To make money the Bond way, it requires putting up big money and even leveraging more. Bet that everything will come out okay and the final result will be in your favour.

The “Bond Trading Strategy” definitely is not meant for the weak of hearts, but, if executed nicely, could result in some hefty pay days and some more double 0’s in your bank account.