Thursday, 13 June 2013

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"Most leading brokers cannot spare the time and money to research smaller stocks. You are therefore more likely to find a bargain in this relatively under-exploited area of the stock market."-James D. Slater

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The C=L U=M Principle

Most people like to stay within a range of relative comfort; a range that is self imposed. This is known as your comfort zone. For most of us, the grand majority of our experiences and daily life’s routines are within the limits of what we already know; the boundaries that we set, the fence that we build around us to feel safe.

We tend to ignore the outer limits of this circle of comfort almost all of the time. The unknown is a scary proposition for most. The CLUM principle simply states that COMFORTABLE = LESS OPPORTUNITYUNCOMFORTABLE = MORE OPPORTUNITY; C=L U=M

The simple fact is: opportunity is in the areas that few are willing to venture. In the circle of humanity, you’re part of the circle. And, in order for you to take advantage of inefficiencies in the so-called system, you must go outside the system. You must, at some point, be a lone wolf. This requires you to be a little different than the “norm.”

You will need to go beyond what you know the outcome is going to be. That’s right; you need take some risks and go outside your comfort zone. It won’t be easy, because most people will tell you you’re crazy or it can’t be done. However, you will likely notice that most of the people who try to discourage you are usually not very successful and the ones that encourage you are generally the more successful people.

Now if you want to be successful and achieve your dreams, this will require a new way of thinking that entertains the idea that we have a much greater capacity for living, for accomplishment and enjoyment; that we can enjoy things that may seem unenjoyable at first glance. And, that we have the capacity to stretch our comfort zone to new limits and dimensions.

When you stretch your comfort zone to a new limit, it never returns back to its old dimension; it becomes your new comfort zone, ready to challenge you to go beyond its limits or walls once again.

Like a game of golf; you’ll never shoot a perfect game of eighteen holes in one. However, you keep trying to improve and stretch your game to new limits and the game is always challenging.

Whenever you hit a limit, whenever you hit a wall or you feel nervous or scared in the face of a challenge or a new idea, view these situations or experiences in life as the chances that you’re given to succeed and reach your true potential. These are the times that you could look back on and say “that was my big break” or “that was when I should have done x”. It’s your choice.

These moments happen all through your life and give you a multitude of great opportunities to accomplish and to achieve your desires if you’re willing to take the risk of going beyond what you already know and try new things. It’s at those specific moments that you are asked to go beyond your limits and stretch your thinking that will, in the long run, define your success.

So, next time you’re faced with a tough decision or a challenge, look at it from a new perspective; tell yourself that this is one of those great moments that life is offering me; a chance to be all that I can be. This is one of the great gifts of life; the natural call to arms. It may not always work out, but these are the moments that offer you the opportunity to be different than most; to be a winner.

Mark Minervini