Thursday, 15 August 2013

QTD and YTD Country Stock Market Performance

Below is a quick and easy look at the QTD and YTD performance of 78 country stock markets around the world.  For most of 2013, the US has been at the top of the performance list, but so far in the third quarter, the US ranks in the bottom half instead of the top half.  As shown below, Argentina is up the most in Q3 with a gain of 30.47%.  Dubai ranks second with a gain of 19.17%, and then Italy and Spain rank 3rd and 4th with gains of 14.60% and 13.22%, respectively.

Four G7 countries have done better than the US so far in the third quarter -- Italy, France, Germany and the UK.  Only Canada and Japan have underperformed the US this quarter.  And the BRICs have also been doing well over the last month and a half.  As shown, Brazil, Russia and China are all up more than 6%, which ranks them above the US with a QTD gain of 4.93%.  India, on the other hand, has underperformed the US and is even in the red at -0.15%.


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