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Healthier and Happier With More Activity In Your Life

This infographic will help you understand why you should at least incorporate 30 minutes of exercise a day.

Healthier and Happier With More Activity In Your Life #infographic

8 Signs You're Investing Like Buffett

Value investing is an approach, a style of investing. It is not a set of formulas that allows you to beat the market. Value investors, like Warren Buffett, are prudent in their approach looking for good investments at a reduced price.

Value investors believe they are buying a business. If you went into business for yourself, you would look at many options and select the one that had the best prospects at a reasonable price. No sense committing your hard earned money to something that costs too much.

How do you know you would be a good value investor? Ask yourself if any of these characteristics describe you.

I'm business oriented. Do you like to understand how a business works? Can you describe to your better half why this company is the best one to place you money, and do you believe yourself when you explain it?

I love hunting for bargains. Do you check out the price at several stores before making a purchase? When shopping for a hotel, do you look for what kind of deals you can get before making a reservation? If you compare the price on anything you buy, you might be value investor.

I like crunching numbers. You like the simple maths that explains the fundamentals of the business. You want to compare the numbers of the companies you like to see the ones that offer the best opportunity. This does not mean you are mathematician, just someone who recognizes that the numbers tell the story.

I prefer to factor in a margin of safety. When you received your first credit card, you avoided carrying it for more than a year. The car you buy is rated the safest around. When you buy a stock you want to be sure it is at a low point.

I trust myself. While analyst reports are nice and can help to identify opportunities, you prefer to make up your own mind because you know analysts can have their own agenda. You like to gain a level of comfort that whatever you buy is the best possible option out there. The same applies to the companies you consider for investment.

I don't mind going against the grain. From experience, you find it is better not to follow the latest popular thing. Being a contrarian means you look for what is not in vogue now, but offers significant value. You know that it's unlikely the popular stocks are bargains.

I like to put together checklists. You find yourself making lists to be sure you get all that needs to be done accomplished. Checklists make your life easier. Value investors like to follow a checklist when they review a company. While a company may not match up perfectly on each item, you go through the process to help make the best decision with the available information.

I can patiently wait for the best opportunity. You don't mind waiting for the best opportunity to show itself. That doesn't mean you sit around watching TV, hoping a great investment falls into your lap. You are out actively looking for what you want. You just do not jump at the first potential opportunity that comes along. Value investors work hard while they wait for the right company to arrive at the right price. Once it does, they pounce. Then they are patient for the opportunity to bear fruit. However, if the market and the company proves their analysis wrong, they implement their pre-existing exit strategy and get out of the deal.

Good value investors tend to have most, if not all of these traits. If several of these characteristics fit you then you are ready to be a value investor. Source:

Quote for the day

"Do not underestimate the power of a raging bull, and the strength of a bear in stock market. Both have the power to trample you to death if you fight against them." - Benjamin Lee

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CSE - Percentage wise Top 20 Gainers and Losers in August 2014 & YTD

Top Gainers in August 2014

Are We Addicted to Our Smartphones?

Could you go through a day without checking your smart-phone? Studies show that 84% of people can’t either. More and more people are becoming addicted to their smart-phones, and this means that they spend less time with friends or being productive. Although technology has opened many doors, it can only be effective if it is used with moderation. Here are a few stats regarding smart-phone addiction and how it has changed social and professional behaviour of individuals.

Are We Addicted to Our Smartphones? #infographic

Quote for the day

“The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-intuitiveness; third, common sense.”  - Thomas A. Edison

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29-Aug-2014 CSE Trade Summary

Company Fact Sheet: Ramboda Falls PLC - RFL:N0000

About the company:

Established: 1996                           Quoted Date: 2012-06-18                   Sector: Hotels & Travels

Ramboda Falls PLC, formerly Ramboda Falls Limited is engaged in the business of hoteliering. The Company owns and operates Ramboda falls hotel. The Company provides round the clock room services,hot/cold shower, telephone, piped music and television, rooms facing waterfalls tea factories tea estates and lush hills and rocks and delux Room.

Chairman:  Mr Takashi Igarashi 

Managing Director: Mr Sasanka Sigera

Board of Directors:
Mr Ananda Karunarathne  (Executive Director)
Mr Namal Gomes (Independent Non-Executive Director)
Mr Pathirannehalage Sarathchandra  (Non Executive Director / Alternate Director to Mr. P. N. C. Gomes / Mr. T. Igarashi)
Peter A. Stewart  (Executive Non-Independent Director)

52 Weeks Low: 11.50                                                             52 Weeks High: 38.50

Average Trading Volume: 1,140

Company Financial at a glance:

1. On 18th June 2012 20,000,000 shares were listed by way of introduction.The reference price of LKR 10.00 is an indicative price and its decided by the Company.

Total shares in Issue as at 30-06-2014: 20,000,000

Top 20 Shareholders as at 30/06/2014

The percentage of Shares held by the Public as at 30th June 2014 was 28.37%.

The percentage of Foreign Holding as at 31st July 2014 was 1.72%

Quote for the day

"We should manage our fortunes as we do our health - enjoy it when good, be patient when it is bad, and never apply violent remedies except in an extreme necessity." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Thursday, 28 August 2014

28-Aug-2014 CSE Trade Summary

Company Fact Sheet: Lake House Printers And Publishers PLC - LPRT:N0000

About the company:

Established: 1965                               Quoted Date: 1975-01-01           Sector: Services

Lake House Printers & Publishers PLC is a Sri Lanka-based company. The principal activities of the Company are printing, sale of photographic and stationery products, and providing management services. The Company operates in five segments: General Printing, Security Printing, Photo Imaging Products, Add Pens and Plantations. As of March 31, 2013, it had one subsidiary, L.H. Plantations (Pvt) Ltd., and one associate, Stamford Lake (Private) Limited.

Chairman: Mr R.S. Wijewardene 

Board of Directors:
Mr P.S. Wijewardene 
Mr R.C. Samarasinghe 
Mr D.R. Wijewardene 
Prof L.R. Watawala
Mr U.S.De.S. Wijesundere 
Mr R.P. Hulugalle  (Independent Non Executive Director)

52 Weeks Low: 86.00                                                             52 Weeks High: 119.90

Average Trading Volume: 214

Company Financial at a glance:

History of Rights Issues:

Total shares in Issue as at 30-06-2014: 2,937,245

Top 20 Shareholders as at 30/06/2014

The percentage of Shares held by the Public as at 30th June 2014 was 32.67%.

The percentage of Foreign Holding as at 31st July 2014 was 0.25%

Quote for the day

"My satisfaction always came from beating the market, solving the puzzle. The money was the reward, but it was not the main reason I loved the market. The stock market is the greatest, most complex puzzle ever invented – and it pays the biggest jackpot…it was never the money that drove me. It was the game, solving the puzzle, beating the market that had confused and confounded the greatest minds in history. For me, that passion, the juice, the exhilaration was in beating the game, a game that was a living dynamic riddle…” - Jesse Livermore

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

27-Aug-2014 CSE Trade Summary

Company Fact Sheet: Colombo City Holdings PLC - PHAR:N0000

About the company:

Established: 1913                               Quoted Date: 1949-01-01           Sector: Stores & Supplies

Colombo City Holdings PLC (formerly known as The Colombo Pharmacy Company PLC) is a Sri Lanka-based company. The principal activities of the Company are dispensing chemists and acting as retail dealers in pharmaceuticals and property development. Dispensing chemists and acting as retail dealers in pharmaceuticals operation have ceased subsequently, and property development is engaged as principal activity of the Company. The ultimate parent of the Colombo City Holdings PLC (formerly known as The Colombo Pharmacy Company PLC) is Lanka Century Investments PLC (formerly known as Environmental Resources Investment PLC) which is incorporated in Sri Lanka.

Chairman: Mr A.G. Weerasinghe 

Board of Directors:
Mr R.N. Asirwatham
Mr Ruwan Sugathadasa  (Non-Executive Director)
Mr Mangala Boyagoda  (Non-Executive Independent Director)
Mr Ashan Dassanayake (Executive Director)
Mr Eric Wikramanayake
Mr Kelly T. Ehler
52 Weeks Low: 426.10                                                              52 Weeks High: 630.00

Average Trading Volume: 1,710

Company Financial at a glance:

History of Rights Issues:

History of Bonus Issues:

Total shares in Issue as at 30-06-2014: 1,272,857

Top 20 Shareholders as at 30/06/2014

The percentage of Shares held by the Public as at 30th June 2014 was 33.60%.

The percentage of Foreign Holding as at 31st July 2014 was 3.24%

Quote for the day

"When things are going well and prices are high, investors rush to buy, forgetting all prudence. Then, when there’s chaos all around and assets are on the bargain counter, they lose all willingness to bear risk and rush to sell. And it will ever be so." - Howard Marks

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

26-Aug-2014 CSE Trade Summary

Company Fact Sheet: Hunters & Company PLC - HUNT:N0000

About the company:

Established: 1911                               Quoted Date: 1947-01-01           Sector: Stores & Supplies

Hunter & Company PLC is principally engaged in importing, distributing and retailing domestic appliances, garden equipment, other household goods, industrial and light engineering products, building materials, estate supplies, builders tools, precision measuring instruments, agriculture machinery, implements, tools, bicycles, bicycles spares and accessories. The Company is selling its products through its department store/showrooms. The Company's subsidiary is Heath & Company (Ceylon) Limited. This subsidiary is engaged in the trading of goods and services. Through its subsidiaries, the Company is also active in the processing, canning, bottling, packing and marketing of food products, as well as the provision of security services..

Chairman: Mr M.F. Dossa 

Managing Director: Mrs L.R.P. Dossa 

Board of Directors:
Mr L.C.R. de C. Wijetunge 
Mr D.H.J. Gunawardena 
Mr N.C. Peiris 
Mr S.R.S. De Saram  (Non-Executive / Independent Director)

52 Weeks Low: 240.00                                                              52 Weeks High: 400.00

Average Trading Volume: 1,380

Company Financial at a glance:

History of Rights Issues:

Total shares in Issue as at 30-06-2014: 5,145,000

Top 20 Shareholders as at 30/06/2014

The percentage of Shares held by the Public as at 30th June 2014 was 29.676%.

The percentage of Foreign Holding as at 31st July 2014 was 17.066%

Quote for the day

“Sometimes the reason people lose is that they're not sufficiently selective. Upon analysis, a trader may find that if he only concentrates on the trades that do well and lets go of the other types of trades, he might actually be successful.” - Randy McKay

Monday, 25 August 2014

25-Aug-2014 CSE Trade Summary

Company Fact Sheet: Odel PLC - ODEL:N0000

About the company:

Established: 1990                               Quoted Date: 2010-08-04            Sector: Footwear & Textiles

Odel PLC is engaged in fashion retailing business. The Company's product offerings include ladies wear, menswear, kid swear, home wear, perfumes and cosmetics, books and music, shoes and handbags, jewelry and accessories, luggage, food, and stationery, gift wrap, and souvenirs. The Company conducts its real estate activities in relation to retail business. The Company's subsidiaries include Odel Apparels (Pvt) Ltd, Odel Properties (Pvt) Ltd., Odel Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., Odel Information Technology Services (Pvt) Ltd, Odel Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Odel Properties (Pvt) Ltd, Odel Apparels (Pvt) Ltd, and Greenfield Trading (Pvt) Ltd.

Chairman: Mr Ruchi Hubert Gunewardene

Chief Executive Officer: Ms Otara Del Gunewardene

Board of Directors:
Mr Paul Topping
Mr Sanjay Sumanthri Kulatunga
Mr Atulugamage Damian Eardley Ignatius Perera
Mr Hia Ngee Yeow (Non Executive Non Independent Director)
Mr Y.Bhg. Datuk Lee Kok Leong (Non Executive Non Independent Director)
Mr Tiang Chee Sung (Non Executive Non Independent Director)
Ms Wong Siew Chuan (Non Executive Non Independent Director)
Mr Hamid Ghazali Hussain (Alternate Director to Mr. P. Topping)

52 Weeks Low: 18.10                                                              52 Weeks High: 25.00

Average Trading Volume: 81,520

Company Financial at a glance:

History of Rights Issues:

Total shares in Issue as at 30-06-2014: 272,129,431

Top 20 Shareholders as at 30/06/2014

The percentage of Shares held by the Public as at 30th June 2014 was 7.98%.

The percentage of Foreign Holding as at 31st July 2014 was 0.498%

Quote for the day

“I think investment psychology is by far the most important element, followed by risk control, with the least important consideration being the question of where you buy and sell.” -  Tom Basso

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Well Managed Risks ... Bring Rewards!

“Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.” - Warren Buffett 

We often listen to people who hesitate to invest in the stock market because they fear risk.

There are older people who fear that a stock crash could leave them destitute.

There are young couples who pine for a new home but worry that an investment loss could kill their chances.

For any investor, risk is a fact of life!

Whenever an opportunity opens up for you to make an investment profit, you also face the fear of the possibility of suffering an investment loss.

Even with "safe" kinds of investments, such as bank deposits, there is a risk that the rate you earn will not exceed the rate of inflation.

Often, these fears are rooted in a misunderstanding of what risk is. Those who understand market risks -- and properly evaluate their ability to tolerate them -- can supercharge their investment portfolios by embracing a certain amount of uncertainty!

In the financial world, risk translates to uncertainty and it's measured by standard deviation from the norm.

Many individuals would say the riskier investment is the first, because their principal would be in greater jeopardy. But to professionals, the first investment is merely stupid -- not risky -- because it's a sure thing to lose!

Still, what worries many is that you never know when the stock market is going to dive.

What if it falls right before you need to sell?

Most individuals measure risk as their chance of loss, but we measure risk by the variability of returns!

In other words, because stocks have higher average returns, you can suffer some losses and still end up vastly ahead over the long run.

There's only one situation in which adding stocks to your portfolio doesn't make sense -- when you don't have time to let the market work for you.

In any given year, you have about a 1 in 4 chance of taking a loss in the stock market. If one year or less is as long as you plan to invest, stocks boil down to a gamble.

But if your time horizon is five years or more, there's a very good chance that putting at least a portion of your money in stocks will boost the performance of your investments!

One question you have to resolve is the kind of investment risk you're comfortable taking.

The choice ranges from conservative to aggressive, with a broad middle ground between the extremes.

Conservative Investing means putting money where there's little risk to principal.

Moderate Investing means taking risks by putting money into growth stocks and bonds.

Aggressive or Speculative Investing means taking a possible risk of losing part of your investment in exchange for the possibility of making a larger profit.

The ideal risk equalizer is that you should work for balance among the various risk categories.

One of your concerns should also be that if you invest too conservatively, you wouldn't have enough money down the road to afford your goals even if you've been diligent in following your plan.

Another is that by taking too many chances you risk losing too much of your capital.

Quote for the day

"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that things are difficult!" - Lucius Annaeus Seneca (5 BC - 65 AD)

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Best & Worst Trades of All Time

Nice graphic showing the 10 greatest — and worst — trades of all time. The lure of these outsized billion dollar wins seems to affect the psychology of many investors and traders, looking for that one giant score.


Speculation Defined

Graham and Dodd's Definition of Speculation

In their 1934 classic text, Security Analysis, Benjamin Graham and David Dodd provided a general definition of speculation: "An investment operation is one which, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and a satisfactory return. Operations not meeting these requirements are speculative."

By this definition, most people who buy stocks are speculators. We can attempt to sharpen Graham and Dodd's definition by including time-scale. Speculators are not interested in putting their money into a stock or commodity for a long time. They want to see a good profit quickly - on a time scale of minutes to months. If their money does not quickly perform well in a situation, they move it into another situation.

In pursuit of greater gain, speculators take greater risks with their capital than people who put their money into Savings & CD Accounts.

Jesse Livermore's Definition of Speculation

Jesse Livermore, the 20th century's most (in)famous speculator provided his own definition of speculation - preceding Graham and Dodd's by several years. In Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, under his pseudonym of Lawrence Livingston, he said: "The speculator is not an investor. His object is not to secure a steady return on his money at a good rate of interest, but to profit by either a rise or a fall in the price of whatever he may be speculating in."

Intelligent Speculation

Benjamin Graham and Jesse Livermore both had more to say about speculation: Benjamin Graham continued - this time in The Intelligent Investor:

Outright speculation is neither illegal, immoral, nor (for most people) fattening to the pocketbook. More than that, some speculation is necessary and unavoidable, for in many common-stock situations there are substantial possibilities of both profit and loss and the risks therein must be assumed by someone.

There is intelligent speculation as there is intelligent investing. But there are many ways in which speculation may be unintelligent. Of these the foremost are:
* speculating when you think you are investing
* speculating seriously when you lack proper knowledge and skill for it
* risking more money in speculation than you can afford to lose

Livermore said:

* The game of speculation is the most uniformly fascinating game in the world. But it is not a game for the stupid, the mentally lazy, the person of inferior emotional balance, or the get-rich-quick adventurer. They will die poor.
* Speculation is a hard and trying business, and a speculator must be on the job all the time or he'll soon have no job to be on.

Quote for the day

“Successful speculation implies taking risk when the odds are in your favor. Just like in poker, where you have to know which hands to bet on, in trading you have to know when the odds are in your favour.” - Victor Sperandeo

Friday, 22 August 2014

22-Aug-2014 CSE Trade Summary

Company Fact Sheet: Agalawatte Plantations PLC - AGAL:N0000

About the company:

Established: 1992                                      Quoted Date: 1996-01-22     Sector: Plantations

Agalawatte Plantations PLC is a Sri Lanka-based company engaged in the cultivation, production, processing and sale of tea, rubber and oil palm, as well as selected non-crop diversification initiatives. As of December 31, 2013, the Company's parent undertaking and managing entity was Mackwoods Plantations (Pvt) Ltd., while its ultimate parent undertaking and controlling party was Mackwoods (Pvt) Ltd. As of the same date, the Company's wholly owned subsidiary was Mackply Industries (Pvt) Ltd, which was involved in the production and sale of plywood products. The Company also had investment in one jointly controlled entity, AEN Palm Oil Processing (Pvt) Ltd., as well as two associates, namely Mackwoods Rubber Products (Pvt) Ltd. and Taprospa Resorts (Pvt) Ltd.

Chairman: Dr C.N.A. Nonis 

Board of Directors:
Mr L.L. Samarasinghe 
Mr F.L. Fonseka 
Mr R.K.M. Ng 
Dr W.S. Ng  (Alternative Director to Mr. R.K.M.Ng)
Mr S.C.J. Devendra 
Mrs S.M.A. Nonis Ranaweera
Mrs N.S.M. Samaratunga 
Mr S.N. Guneratne  (Independent Non Executive Director)
Mr R.T. de Sylva  (Independent Non Executive Director)

52 Weeks Low: 21.00                                                                    52 Weeks High: 29.50

Average Trading Volume: 3,350

Company Financial at a glance:

Total shares in Issue as at 30-06-2014: 25,000,000

Top 20 Shareholders as at 30/06/2014

The percentage of Shares held by the Public as at 30th June 2014 was 24.92%.

The percentage of Foreign Holding as at 31st July 2014 was 15.77%

Quote for the day

“Just as a doctor would be foolish not to use X-rays and ECGs, investors would be foolish not to use charts. Charts provide valuable information about what is going on that cannot be obtained easily any other way. They allow you to follow a huge number of different stocks in an organized manner.” - William O' Neill

Thursday, 21 August 2014

21-Aug-2014 CSE Trade Summary

Company Fact Sheet: Taprobane Holdings PLC - TAP:N0000

About the company:

Established: 2006                                      Quoted Date: 2012-05-17            Sector: 

Taprobane Holdings PLC (‘the Company’) is a public quoted company domiciled in Sri Lanka. The company operated as the Investments Holding Company of the Group and is presently engaged in carrying out investment activities. The Company's subsidiaries include Taprobane Securities (Pvt) Ltd, Taprobane Investments (Pvt) Ltd,Taprobane Wealth Plus (Pvt) Ltd, Heron Agro Products (Pvt) Ltd and Lexinton Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. The Company's sub-subsidiaries include Lexinton Financial Services (Pvt) Ltd, Lexinton Resorts (Pvt) Ltd and Taprobane Plantations Ltd.

Chairperson: Ms R.L. Nanayakkara

Deputy Chairman: Mr A.L. Devasurendra 

General Manager / CEO: Mr R. Sugathadasa 

Board of Directors:
Mr D.A.B. Dassanayake 
Mr R.R. Anthony 
Mr P.D.J. Fernando 
Mr D.W.P. Upali
Mr A.G. Weerasinghe 

52 Weeks Low: 2.40                                                              52 Weeks High: 4.39 (Adjusted to Rights Issue)

Average Trading Volume: 134,770

Company Financial at a glance:

History of Rights Issues:

History of Scrip Dividend:

Total shares in Issue as at 30-06-2014: 1002,724,815

Top 20 Shareholders as at 30/06/2014

The percentage of Shares held by the Public as at 30th June 2014 was 11.95%.

The percentage of Foreign Holding as at 31st July 2014 was 0.11%

Quote for the day

“We cannot grow without challenge. Challenges routinely produce crises that severely test us. However, crises also offer us the greatest opportunities.” - Steven Callahan

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

20-Aug-2014 CSE Trade Summary

Company Fact Sheet: Beruwala Resorts PLC - BERU:N0000

About the company:

Established: 1974                                      Quoted Date: 2012-07-04            Sector: 
Hotels & Travels

Beruwala Resorts PLC is a Public Limited Liability company incorporated and domiciled in Sri Lanka. B.O.T. Hotel Services (Private) Limited is the 100% owned subsidiary of Beruwala Resorts PLC. The Principal activity of the Company and the subsidiary is to carry on business of a Tourist Hotel.

Chairman:  Mr S.D.R. Arudpragasam  (Non-Executive Director)

Deputy ChairmanMr C.P.R. Perera (Independent Non-Executive Director)

Board of Directors:
Mr A. Rajaratnam
Mr M. Thambiah  (Independent Non-Executive Director)
Mr T. Theyagamurti  (Non-Executive Director)
A.R. Peiris  (Non-Executive Director)
Mr E.P.A. Cooray  (Independent Non-Executive Director)
Mr S. Rajaratnam  (Non-Executive Director)
Mr Rajaratnam Amrit (Non-Executive Director)
A.R. Rasiah  (Independent Non-Executive Director)
Mr Rajaratnam Anushman (Alternate Director to Mr. A. Rajaratnam)

52 Weeks Low: 1.30                                                             52 Weeks High: 2.30

Average Trading Volume: 1,030.000

Company Financial at a glance:

Total shares in Issue as at 30-06-2014: 600,000,000

Top 20 Shareholders as at 30/06/2014

The percentage of Shares held by the Public as at 30th June 2014 was 10.24%.

The percentage of Foreign Holding as at 31st July 2014 was 0.168%

Quote for the day

“I know several people who claim to have market insights during dreams. I think one of the functions of dreams is to reconcile information and feelings which the conscious mind finds intractable.” - Ed Seykota

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

19-Aug-2014 CSE Trade Summary

Company Fact Sheet: Dunamis Capital PLC - CSEC:N0000

About the company:

Established: 1985                                      Quoted Date: 1986-04-21            Sector: 

Dunamis Capital PLC is a Sri Lanka-based holding company, which is principally engaged in the administration of subsidiaries. The Company manages a portfolio of investments consisting of diverse business operations, which together constitute the Dunamis group. The Company provides function based services to its subsidiaries and associate companies. The Company's segments comprise financial services, including investment services, debt products, asset management and unit trust businesses, margin trading, bond trading and others; property development, and export manufacturing, which focus on the production of montessori material for sale worldwide. The Company also provides food and beverage products. During the year ended March 31, 2014, the Company invested in Premier Synthetic Leather Manufacturers (Private) Limited.

Managing Director: Ms Mathews Manjula

Joint Managing Director: Mr Schaffter Dinesh

Board of Directors:
Mr N.E. Rodrigo 
Mr A.D.E.I. Perera 
Mr C.L. De Silva 
Mr S. Wickramasuriya 

52 Weeks Low: 10.00                                                              52 Weeks High: 21.00

Average Trading Volume: 198,730

Company Financial at a glance:

History of Rights Issues:

History of Bonus Issues:

Debentures Listed on CSE:

Total shares in Issue as at 30-06-2014: 122,997,500

Top 20 Shareholders as at 30/06/2014

The percentage of Shares held by the Public as at 31st March 2014 was 19.19%.

The percentage of Foreign Holding as at 31st July 2014 was 9.02%

Quote for the day

“If you can preserve your financial and mental capital when others have depleted or squandered theirs, the long-term rewards will be great.” - Jack Sparrow

Monday, 18 August 2014

18-Aug-2014 CSE Trade Summary

Company Fact Sheet: Harischandra Mills PLC - HARI:N0000

About the company:

Established: 1953                                      Quoted Date: 1983-01-01           Sector: 
Beverage Food & Tobacco

Harischandra Mills PLC is a Sri Lanka-based company. The Company is engaged in manufacturing and distribution of food products and soap items. As of March 31, 2013, the Company had one wholly owned subsidiary, Harischandra Mills (Distributors) Limited.

Chairman: Mr M.A. Bastianzs 

Managing Director / CEO: Mr S.N. Samarasinghe 

Board of Directors:
Mr G.S.V. De Silva 
Mrs M.P. De Silva 
Mr S.A.S. Jayasundara 
Mr T.K. Bandaranayake  (Non Executive Independent)
Mrs R.K. Samarasinghe  (Non-Executive Director)

52 Weeks Low: 1,879.90                                             52 Weeks High: 2,500.00

Average Trading Volume: 12

Company Financial at a glance:

Total shares in Issue as at 30-06-2014: 959,800

Top 20 Shareholders as at 30/06/2014

The percentage of Shares held by the Public as at 30th June 2014 was 43.09%.

The percentage of Foreign Holding as at 31st July 2014 was 0.92%