Friday, 16 May 2014

16-May-2014 CSE Trade Summary

Company Fact Sheet: Hotel Sigiriya PLC - HSIG:N0000

About the company:

Established: 1974                Quoted Date: 1981-01-01            Sector: Hotels & Travels

Hotel Sigiriya PLC is a Sri Lanka-based company engaged in the operation of a tourist hotel. The Company owns and operates 79 room Hotel Sigiriya in Sigiriya. As of March 31, 2013, the Company's parent undertaking was Serendib Hotels PLC, and its ultimate parent undertaking and controlling party was Hemas Holdings PLC.
Chairman: Mr A.N. Esufally 

Board of Directors:
Mr L.P. Fernando 
Mr B.S.M. De Silva 
Mrs A.R. Gamage 
Mr W.M.De F. Arsakularatne 
Mr L.D.K.B. Gamage  (Alternate Director to Ms. A.R. Gamage)
Mr V. H. A. Perera  (Alternate Director to Mr. A. N. Esufally)
D.T.R. De Silva  (Non Executive Director)

52 Weeks Low: 70.00                                                               52 Weeks High: 87.00
Average Trading Volume: 761

Company Financial at a glance:
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Total Voting shares in Issue: 5,859,000

1. 697,500 Ordinary Shares of the Company were allotted on 7th September 1992, pursuant to a 1:3 Rights Issue @ Rs. 10.00. 
2. 1,116,000 Ordinary Shares of the Company were allotted on 19th April 2000, pursuant to a 2:5 Rights Issue @ Rs. 10.00.
3. 1,953,000 Ordinary Shares of the Company were allotted on 23rd September 2004, pursuant to a 1:2 Rights Issue @ Rs. 30.00.

Top 20 Shareholders as at 31/12/2013:

Percentage of public holding as at 31st December 2013 was 27.05%

The percentage of Foreign Holding as at 30th April 2014 was 2.31%

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