Sunday, 25 May 2014

10 Little Known Facts About Benjamin Graham

Benjamin Graham was Warren Buffett’s mentor; wrote the book ‘The Intelligent Investor’; and is hailed as one of the investment world’s most influential people. But, what are the devilish details that made this man tick?
For starters, Graham spent his time translating old texts into various languages. He once translated Homer into Latin for fun! Here are some lesser know facts about the man that many called simply “Ben.”

  • He’s often called the “Great American Investor,” but Graham was born in London, England.
  • Graham’s real name was Benjamin Grossbaum. His family changed their last name for fear of anti-German sentiment following WWI. The name ‘Graham’ stuck, and that’s even the name listed on Graham’s obituary!
  • Graham’s first job was that of a chalker with the firm Newburger, Hendersen, and Loeb. He was swiftly promoted to the financial research division of the company as soon as his talents were recognized. A good move!
  • At 25-years old, Graham was earning more than $500,000 a year!
  • The 1929 crash caused Graham to lose some of his money, and his wife had to go back to work as a dance teacher – even Benjamin Graham had lessons to learn!
  • After partnering with Jerome Newman in 1926, the Graham-Newman Corporation was formed. He spent evenings teaching at Columbia University. It is said that Graham was a kind and patient teacher!
  • Graham is credited with being the ‘Father of Security Analysis and Value Investing.’
  • Warren Buffett was a student in one of Graham’s classes at Columbia University. When Buffett asked for a job with Graham’s firm, he was turned down! A persistent Buffett kept on asking – proof that persistence pays off! Eventually Graham accepted Buffett’s resume, and the two became lifelong friends.
  • Warren Buffett’s first son is named Howard Graham Buffet as homage to his teacher and mentor. Buffet credits Graham with his investment beginnings.
  • Graham died at age 82 in Aix-en-Provence, France.


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