Monday, 26 May 2014

26-May-2014 CSE Trade Summary

Company Fact Sheet: Colombo Investment Trust PLC - CIT:N0000

About the company:

Established: 1986                Quoted Date: 1987-06-11            Sector: Investment Trust

Colombo Investment Trust PLC is a Sri Lanka-based company engaged in holding and managing an investment portfolio. The Company's investment sectors include banks, finance and insurance; beverages, food and tobacco; chemicals and pharmaceuticals; diversified holdings; footwear and textiles; healthcare; hotels and travels; investment trusts; land and property; manufacturing, motors, plantations; power and energy; services; telecommunications and trading. As of March 31, 2013, the Company's quoted investments included Asia Capital PLC, Aviva N D B Insurance PLC, Ceylinco Insurance PLC, Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC, HNB Assurance PLC and Janashakthi Insurance PLC, among others

Chairman: Mr A. Rajaratnam

Deputy ChairmanMr S.D.R. Arudpragasam

Board of Directors:
Mr S. Shanmugalingam
Mr A.M.DE.S. Jayaratne (Independent Non Executive Director)
Mr J.M. Swaminathan (Independent Non Executive Director)
Mr S. Rajarathnam
Mr Rajaratnam Anushman (Alternate Director to Mr. A. Rajaratnam)

52 Weeks Low: 75.00                                                               52 Weeks High: 159.90
Average Trading Volume: 305

Company Financial at a glance:
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Total Voting shares in Issue: 6,500,000

1. 600,000 Ordinary Shares of the Company were allotted on 29th June 1992, pursuant to a 2:5 Rights Issue @ Rs. 20.00.
2. 900,000 Ordinary Shares of the Company were allotted on 18th March 1994, pursuant to a 3:7 Rights Issue @ Rs. 20.00.
3. 100,000 Ordinary Shares of the Company were allotted on 26th March 1998, pursuant to a 1:2 Rights Issue @ Rs. 10.00.(Offered 1,500,000)
4. 1,033,333 Ordinary Shares of the Company were allotted on 9th August 2004, pursuant to a 1:3 Rights Issue @ Rs. 10.00.
5. 1,366,667 Ordinary Shares of the Company were allotted on 3rd November 2008, pursuant to a 1:3 Rights Issue @ Rs. 20.00.(Offered 1,377,777)
6. 1,000,000 Ordinary Shares of the Company were allotted on 7th August 2012, pursuant to a 2:11 Rights Issue @ Rs. 80.00.

Top 20 Shareholders as at 31/12/2013:

Percentage of public holding as at 31st December 2013 was 12.16%

The percentage of Foreign Holding as at 30th April 2014 was 1.60%

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