Thursday, 26 June 2014

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“Your success in investing will depend in part on your character and guts, and in part on your ability to realize at the height of the ebullience and the depth of despair alike that this too shall pass.” - John Bogle

26-Jun-2014 CSE Trade Summary

Company Fact Sheet: Kotagala Plantations PLC - KOTA:N0000

About the company:

Established: 1992                                 Quoted Date: 1995-12-12                 Sector: Plantations

Kotagala Plantations PLC is a Sri Lanka-based company engaged in the cultivation, manufacture and sale of tea, rubber and other agricultural produce. The Company's 22 plantation estates are situated in the planting districts of NuwaraEliya and Kalutara. During the year ended December 31, 2014, the Company produced 6.3 million kilograms of tea and 2.9 million kilograms of rubber.

As of December 31, 2014, The Group’s parent undertaking and controlling party is Lankem Plantation Holdings Limited , and the ultimate parent Group is The Colombo Fort Land and Building PLC. As of the same date, Kotagala Plantations had one subsidiary within the group, the Company has 100% holding of Union Commodities (Private) Limited.

Chairman: Mr S.D.R. Arudpragasam

Deputy Chairman: Mr C.P.R. Perera 

Board of Directors:
Mr A. Rajaratnam
D.A. Ratwatte 
Mr G.D.V. Perera 
Mr S. Jayaratne  (Independent Non-Executive Director)
Dr L.M.K. Tillekeratne  (Independent Non-Executive Director)
Mr R. Edwards (Alternate Director to Mr. A. Rajaratnam)

52 Weeks Low: 32.00                                                                     52 Weeks High: 53.60

Average Trading Volume: 29,820

Company Financial at a glance:

History of Rights Issues:

Total shares in Issue: 40,000,000

Top 20 Shareholders as at 31/03/2014

The percentage of Shares held by the Public as at 31st March 2014 was 31.13%.

The percentage of Foreign Holding as at 31st May 2014 was 1.43%

Quote for the day

“Investors making purchases in an overheated market need to recognize that it may often take an extended period for the value of even an outstanding company to catch up with the price they paid.”  - Warren Buffett