Sunday, 20 July 2014

Five Reasons Why People Fail In Life

1. Blaming others for your own mistakes, laziness, and bad decisions is a sure path to failure. Success only blooms from the fertilizer of responsibility for yourself and your own results.

2. Arguing with someone when you are wrong instead of learning is a path to failure because instead of growing you are declining, you are rejecting lessons and staying where you are and stagnation is never a great place to be.

3. Trying to be a teacher when you are really a student is caused by your ego and stops growth and initiates defensive walls that can not be breached. The best teachers and masters of a craft are life long students not arrogant in their current knowledge.

4. Losers talk too much why winners are busy doing. Losers talk much about the future while they do little to change themselves in the present moment. Winners are too busy doing to talk much unless it is really needed.

5. Losers love to focus on the past, the wins, the losses, and the injustices and unfairness while the winners are focused on present actions that will lead to the future results they are after. Losers focus on past blame while winners focus on future results.


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Quote for the day

“Market action is not complex but surprisingly simple. Yet it is often made to appear complex by newspaper forecasters and market letter writers.” - Burton Pugh