Wednesday, 1 October 2014

01-Oct-2014 CSE Trade Summary

Quote for the day

“When once caught in the maelstrom of stock speculation the average man becomes more or less mesmerized, and at critical moments his conservatism, his resolutions and his theories all take flight. Under the discomposing influence of a rapid succession of changing values and alternating impulses he loses his perspective, is incapable of calm reasoning, and is likely to do precisely the opposite of what he had intended to do.”
- Henry Howard Harper, The Psychology of Speculation

CSE - Percentage wise Top 20 Gainers and Losers in September 2014 & YTD

Top Gainers in September 2014

Top Losers in September 2014

Top Gainers YTD (Year-to-date)

Top Losers YTD (Year-to-date)