Sunday, 5 October 2014

Evolution Of The Desk (1980-2014)

Whether you like it or not, the fact is, we depend on technology more than you know. How has your desk evolved over the last 35 years? Do you still have that Rolodex in front of you? Probably not. What about that clunky dictionary, or the answering machine? Technology (and the cloud) has replaced most of our desktop items.

In this video produced by Harvard Innovation Lab, genuine vintage items were sought after and purchased in order to recreate the look and feel of an 80′s work desk.


The Unknown Dark Side to 13 of History's Favourite People

History loves an icon, whether they're political, religious or just particularly cool. Unfortunately, people only seem to remember the good bits. This infographic breaks apart the cult of personality surrounding some of history's most loved people.

The Unknown Dark Side to 13 of History

Quote for the day

“Whenever a trader says 'I wish,' or 'I hope,' he is engaging in a destructive way of thinking because it takes attention away from the diagnostic process. ” -  Bruce Kovner