Saturday, 18 October 2014

40 Brand Logos With Hidden Messages

We're exposed to hundreds of brand logos every single day, and every aspect of the design says something about the brand. But if you take a close look at these 40 examples (a very close look in fact) you might spot a hidden message that says even more about the brand!

40 Brand Logos With Hidden Messages #infographic

The Flow Of Money Explained

Money and investment capital are very picky things. They are constantly flowing from those who know how to manage it, to those who do not. Money is not static, it is in constant flux. This is why a person that starts out poor in America can end up wealthy, and also why generational wealth can dissolve in one generation due to bad management. 

The flow of money is why a lottery winner that wins a jackpot and does not know how to manage it can quickly find themselves in bankruptcy. No amount of money will overcome consistently bad decisions. In a free market, capitalistic system, money flows continually to those that create value and away from those who do not.

* Money leaves those who risk it’s loss too many times, and ends up with those that protect it and make it grow.

* Money flows from consumers of goods and services to the owners of the businesses that provide the right products.

* Money flows to entrepreneurs when they create desirable goods and services. 

* Money flows away from consumers that do not have self control.

* Money flows to employees that develop skills that employers will pay a premium for. 
Little money flows to employees that lack skills, or the work ethic to attain them.

* Money flows from customers to businesses.

Money flows to innovators and away from outdated, stagnant businesses.

* Money flows to well managed businesses and away from mismanaged ones.

* Money flows from bad traders to good traders.

Quote for the day

“A trader gets to play the game as the professional billiard player does — that is, he looks far ahead instead of considering the particular shot before him. It gets to be an instinct to play for position.” -  Reminiscences of a Stock Operator