Saturday, 1 November 2014

How Bill Gates Started – The Life of Microsoft’s Founder

Bill Gates started out in a highly-educated family. But they were not programmers, not even engineers. Or technical people at all. So how did he start to be a genius hacker?

How Bill Gates Started – The Life of Microsoft’s Founder #infographic

Internet Censorship World Map

The internet is invaluable to all of the world's people as a potentially limitless source of information. Many governments, perhaps for this reason, therefore choose to censor certain portions of the internet to influence what their people can read about or download. 

Every country has its own laws and censorship policies – for example, torrents are illegal in almost every country, but only some of them censor things like social or political commentary. 

Comparing the online censorship policies of different countries can be interesting – what do some cultures prioritize, and where does government censor more, or less? 

This infographic goes into those details by giving a visual representation of the proportion of the internet that is censored from country to country, as well as providing exactly what is censored in a handy companion to each of the maps. 

How much of the internet do you think should be censored? What do you believe should or shouldn't be illegal when it comes to the internet browsing habits of free citizens?

Internet Censorship World Map [infographic]

Quote for the day

“In trading, you can't hide your failures. Your equity provides a daily reflection of your performance. The trader who tries to blame his losses on external events will never learn from his mistakes.” -  Victor Sperandeo