Saturday, 27 December 2014

Facebook's Buying Spree: Why Facebook Spent 22 Billion+ on 14 Companies

It’s hard to believe Facebook’s been around for over a decade. Sure, ten years isn't all that long, but in the short history of the Internet a decade is quite a long time. Not many social media networks can boast that kind of longevity. 

Back in 2004 when Facebook was launched, AOL, Hotmail, MapQuest, and Ask Jeeves still reigned supreme. The Facebook, as it was first named, was at first meant to be a social network just for college students, but after spreading like wildfire at Harvard University, it soon expanded, first to other Ivy league universities and then quickly into schools in the UK. 

Then in 2006, it was opened to anyone with an email address. Facebook has spawned several controversies over its rise to ubiquity, including concerns over privacy, whether it’s okay to use “friend” as a verb (turns out English speakers have been doing that since the 16th century), lawsuits over allegedly stolen source code, and psychological experiments on its users. 

There’s even a whole separate Wikipedia page for Criticisms of Facebook.


12 Practice Building Tips For Financial Advisors

As much as there is a growing need for Financial Advisors, there is an increase in the competition as well. Whilst hard skills are a must-have to be a Financial Advisor, carrying the same set of hard skills as other competing Advisors won't set you apart. For you to join the ranks of elite depends not only on the hard skills but also your soft skills such as - your ability to tell great stories, your power of persuasion, leadership, marketing etc. In this infographic, you will learn 12 best practices that focus on honing your soft skills and help you build a successful advisory practice. Enjoy!

12 Practice Building Tips For Financial Advisors #infographic

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