Sunday, 8 February 2015

The History of Web Design

We're all guilty of taking the internet for granted these days, mainly because it's such a huge part of our lives. Nowadays, everywhere you look people are accessing the internet, usually from tiny devices that fit into the palm of their hand. It's almost difficult to believe that just 25 years ago nobody had access to the internet. Despite it's young age, the internet has had a very interesting life so far. The Ecommerce experts at Americommerce have created a great infographic titled: The History of Web Design which explores the pinnacle moments of the internet's journey from conception to the present day.

This journey through time explores the days where web browsers could only support text, the birth dates of many of our most used websites: BBC NEWS (1996), Facebook (2004), YouTube (2006), and more! With growth this extravagant in it's first 25 years, the only question left to ask is, what will the next 25 bring?

The History of Web Design #infographic


Quote for the day

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