Tuesday, 16 June 2015

16-Jun-2015 CSE Trade Summary

Sri Lanka Credit Cards at a glance

01. American Express

02. Bank of Ceylon

03. Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC

04. DFCC Bank PLC

05. Hatton National Bank PLC

06. HSBC Ltd

07. National Development Bank PLC

08. Nations Trust Bank PLC

09. National Savings Bank

10. Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC

11. People's Bank

12. Sampath Bank PLC

13. Seylan Bank PLC

14. Standard Chartered Bank

Quote for the day

“The problem in a runaway bull market is that too much money (and too much credit) is chasing too few stocks in virtually every sector of the economy. And whenever there is too much money on the table, the crooks come out of the woodwork.” - Maggie Mahar