Sunday, 21 June 2015

5 Superpowers of Billionaires

1) Warren Buffett
Warren Buffet has the uncanny ability to find the right person for the right job.

Warren Buffett’s 14 Best Tips for the Class of 2015

By Elyssa Kirkham
As a self-made billionaire, Warren Buffett has plenty of first hand knowledge about what it takes to achieve success. So when Buffett gives advice, people listen. But for those about to leave college to start careers, this advice could prove particularly valuable and help the graduates get a sense of where they should be going and how fast they can get there. Below are the 14 best pieces of advice he has given to students and young people.

Quote for the day

“The professional investor has no choice but to sit by quietly while the mob has its day, until the enthusiasm or panic of the speculators and non-professionals has been spent. He is not impatient, nor is he even in a very great hurry, for he is an investor, not a gambler or a speculator. The seeds of any bust are inherent in any boom that outstrips the pace of whatever solid factors gave it its impetus in the first place. There are no safeguards that can protect the emotional investor from himself.” - J Paul Getty