Friday, 9 October 2015

28 Life changes that will improve your happiness overnight

Sometimes in life, small annoyances and daily irritations can build up and begin to affect your day to day mood, health and general well-being if we are not properly equipped to deal with them. 

A negative mind-set can make ruin your day and can even have consequences on our health!

Focusing on every aspect of physical, social and mental well-being as well as changes you can make around the home and in the workplace – these simple modifications can make a huge difference to your outlook on life. 

From things as simple as sending an email to an old friend making sure you've had enough water to drink to larger opportunities such as joining a club, every change is a positive one and something that can help arm yourself against discontent and achieve happiness.

So take a look through the infographic by MyBreast who have compiled 28 changes you can make in your life that will improve your happiness overnight.

28 Life Changes That Will Improve Your Happiness Overnight #infographic

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