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9 Inventions that changed the way we shop

We all want to make our lives as easy as they get. Who would want to suffer through something if they have the other choice? And luckily, we are smart and determined enough to discover an easier way to do something whenever we can. 

During the history people have invented so many different great things that make our lives easier. 

What would we do if some great scientists haven't invented all these medicines, electricity, computers and even the clothing materials? 

Our world is full of these incredible inventions and we are thankful for each one of them. But when thinking about inventions most of us forget about those simpler ones that have transformed our lives and we haven't even realized it. 

For example, there are so many inventions that have transformed the way we do our shopping, that get ignored too often. Change that with the help of this interesting infographic and discover which inventions have changed the way we shop.

9 Inventions That Changed the Way We Shop #infographic

Two major trading styles - Day-Trading and Swing-Trading.

In the following we separate between day-trading and swing-trading. Of course, there are a few more trading styles but those two types build the foundation for most trading styles.

Day-trading describes a trading style where the trader actively trades for several hours, usually on the lower time-frames and makes several trades in a day.

Swing-trading is the opposite, where the trader follows the higher time-frames, only has a few trades every week or month, rarely more than one a day and does not sit in front of the charts for several hours at a time.

The table below shows the differences between the two trading styles with regards to different characteristics and emotional concepts.

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