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"Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us." - Hal Borland

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Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary 29-Dec-2016

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"In a very real sense we have two minds, one that thinks and one that feels." - Daniel Goleman

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Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary 28-Dec-2016

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"But once you are in that field, emotional intelligence emerges as a much stronger predictor of who will be most successful, because it is how we handle ourselves in our relationships that determines how well we do once we are in a given job." - Daniel Goleman

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Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary 27-Dec-2016

Quote for the day

“Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.” - Andre Gide

Monday, 26 December 2016

6 Powerful Questions That Will Change Your Life Forever

By James McWhinney

“Information is not knowledge.” ~Einstein

A few years ago I was lost. Frustrated. Scared. Unsure. Anxious. Trapped. Unfulfilled. Stuck in a dead-end job. Smothered by society’s expectations. Didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my life.

I cared for myself enough to change my life, but I didn’t have the slightest clue where to start. I spent my days wishing that things would change—that I could escape a life that my soul could no longer bear.

The worst part of all, I was living the life that society had always told me to live. “Find a secure job, work hard,” they would say. “Get a solid job and work your way up the ladder.”

I don’t know about you, but it turns out that for me, the “right thing to do” sucked the joy out of life.

Imagine feeling trapped in an unsatisying existence. Wasting your precious time doing things that you really don’t want to be doing. Being afraid to express your uniqueness. Having fun on the weekends then dreading the upcoming week. Maybe you don’t have to imagine it; maybe your life is just like mine was, few moments of satisfaction drowned out by a constant grind of work that doesn’t fulfill you.

Then something hit me. It was a proverbial hammer to my head. I’d heard it before, but it had never sunk in. Then, as if out of nowhere, a voice in my head spoke loudly and clearly.

“Discover who you truly are and fully give every aspect of your uniqueness to the world. This is your path to an extraordinary life.”

I followed this wisdom as if my life depended on it. And I can tell you that my life has changed for the better since I followed this guidance.

I can tell you without any doubt that the greatest piece of wisdom that I’ve discovered in my life thus far is this:

If you want to live an extraordinary life it is imperative that you know who you truly are, and to do so you must explore who you truly are.

These 6 questions changed my life forever. They will also change your life forever by allowing you to find your true self, and in doing so, discover why you’ve been born into this great world.

I’m not talking about the “self’” that others demand you to be or the self that acts a certain way to fit in and conform with what society accepts. I’m talking about the true you—the you who wants to authentically express your special and unique qualities to the world.

By answering these questions you will discover your unique passions, strengths, values, desires, and motivations, which are all yearning for your expression.

You have a unique purpose. Discovering the answers to these questions will allow you to align yourself with that purpose and bring real magic into your life.

Self-knowledge is the greatest knowledge that you will ever acquire. Why? Because your ability to fulfill your unique internal drive will determine your ability to fulfill your potential, which in turn determines the quality of your life.

The questions below are designed to help to know yourself deeply and find what is truly important to you. We all have an unexpressed potential; the exercises are specifically designed to help you find yours.

1. What do I absolutely love in life?

List anything that you love about the world and the people in your life. Think about any activities that get you excited and enthusiastic and make you feel most alive. This can be absolutely anything: music, sports, cooking, teaching others, learning, watching movies—anything. Within your love for these things lies deep passion.

2. What are my greatest accomplishments in life so far?

List all of the moments that you are proud of as well as the times that you’ve succeeded. To have accomplished these, you would have used some of your key strengths. See if you can identify why you succeeded. Also, list any activities, hobbies, or anything else that you do that you complete with ease. Within these lie greatest strengths.

3. What would I stand for if I knew no one would judge me?

List everything that you would do if you weren’t afraid, even your wildest dreams. This will help you discover your greatest values.

4. If my life had absolutely no limits and I could have it all and do whatever I wanted, what would I choose to have and what would I choose to do?

Describe your ideal lifestyle. List what you would do throughout the day if you knew that you were bound to be successful, what kind of person you would be, how much money you would earn, and where you would live.

This question allows you to realize who you would truly want to be if there were no limits. By aligning with this you can begin working towards the life that you truly want to create. Know that you wouldn’t have a desire if you didn’t also have the ability to fulfil it.

5. What would I do if I had one billion dollars?

List everything that you would really love to do if you had all the money in the world. Okay, so you would probably travel the world, buy a house or two, and give some money to your family. Then what would you do with your time?

This question helps you to think without limitations. When we are able to remove limitations and boundaries, we can discover what we really want to do.

6. Who do I admire most in the world?

List your greatest inspirations and the qualities that you admire about these people. Think about what really inspires you in this world. What you admire about others is also a quality that is in you. Know that you admire someone because they have similar qualities to you.

Taking the time to answer these questions will change your life. The more that you can implement your passions, strengths, values, desires, and motivations into your days, the happier your life will become!

You can study to become a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or anything else, but this knowledge will only take you so far. Meanwhile, discovering the deep wisdom of self-knowledge will ensure that your life is far more meaningful and fulfilling. I’ve got a feeling that is what Einstein meant when he said “Information is not knowledge.”

The most valuable knowledge that you will ever discover is, and always will be, within.

Quote for the day

“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Quote for the day

"Tough times never last, but tough people do." – Dr. Robert Schuller

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Traits of Top Traders/Investors

Top Traders/Investors -- Putting It All Together -- Developing Excellent Skills!

By Ian Harvey


It is important to understand, and if possible, emulate the qualities that most top traders/investors have, to profit from the stock market! Many of these qualities can be developed if there is a willingness to succeed. With a commitment to improvement in oneself, and adhering to certain business stratagems, profiting from the stock market, in which ever form you feel comfortable in, is feasible.

While there are many, many traits that are noticeable in top traders, this article concentrates on only four of major importance.

1: Personal Responsibility

This is probably the most important trait that all top traders have (or top people in any field) is the ability to assume total responsibility for what happens to them. And for top traders and investors, this means that they assume total responsibility for their investments results.

This means that if you lose money it’s not the market’s fault, it’s not your advisor’s fault, it’s not your system’s fault, or the fault of anything else. Instead, it is a direct result of what you did. When you assume this attitude, you can learn directly from your mistakes and trading becomes a major learning curve, setting a scenario which allows for constant improvement. When you don’t assume this attitude, then you get to repeat your mistakes over and over again because you believe that you were a victim of some external forces. 

Therefore, it becomes quite obvious that the ability to learn from your mistakes is much more sensible and profitable then the tendency to repeat mistakes over and over again.

Trait 2: Commitment

Becoming a successful investor/trader requires hard work. You must get to know yourself intimately because you are the source of your trading performance. You must develop a business plan to guide your trading. You must develop and test three or four strategies that fit within the big picture (as you see it) and then become part of your business plan. You must do your homework constantly. You must set routines and follow certain disciplines during the day on a constant basis. And all of this requires a lot of time and energy -- and it is only the people who are really committed who will put in the work necessary to become successful.

Trait 3: Mental State Control

There are many tasks to be adhered to when trading but the key to following those tasks is mental state control.

Each task requires a particular mental state in order to execute it properly and you must have the skill to step into that state and perform the task.

There are many required some of which are -- daily self-analysis, daily mental rehearsal, developing a low-risk idea, following the lead, taking action, monitoring, terminate bad positions, taking profits, daily debriefing, periodic review, etc.

For example --
one of the tasks of trading is the action step of terminating or taking profits. The mental state required is 100% commitment to action. There is no thinking involved, just 100% action. You should already know what to do when you get this signal because you’ve already developed a system that works. Thus, your job is simply to act. Think about when the tiger starts to leap on the antelope. He doesn’t suddenly think to himself, “Is this a good idea?” If he did that, he’d probably miss the antelope and break his back. No, his mental state is 100% commitment. Well, each essential task of trading requires a particular mental state and you must have the ability to step into that state.
Trait 4: Top-Down Discipline

In developing this sort of discipline, you must go through the following steps:

• Write out your dream life. What would you like to be, do, see, experience, and have in your lifetime in order for it to be ideal? Write this out completely.

• Write down the purpose behind that dream life. Write down your mission, your purpose and all of the whys behind that dream life. This step helps you get excited about achieving it.

• Write down your goals for the next year.

• Write down the purpose for each goal.

• Write down a series of action steps for each goal.

• And each action step (if it takes longer than a week for you to finish) could be considered another goal with a purpose behind it and a series of action steps behind that.

The net result of following these steps is that you develop a top-down discipline that helps you develop commitment and achieve almost anything you set your mind to achieving.


Now let’s look at what we have in these four qualities: -

• First you have a top down discipline that really helps you achieve almost anything you set your mind to achieving.

• Next you have the ability to get yourself into the appropriate mental state to do whatever you need to do with excellence.

• Third, you have the commitment to see your goals through to the finish.

• And lastly, but remember this was mentioned first -- you believe that you are personally responsible for what happens to you – which means that you can learn from your mistakes.

Therefore, with the right type of mind-set and with these four traits, you could achieve peak performance as a trader/investor or almost anything else you set your mind to doing!

"Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time." - Arnold.H.Glasow


Quote for the day

"If you’re not stubborn, you’ll give up on experiments too soon. And if you’re not flexible, you’ll pound your head against the wall and you won’t see a different solution to a problem you’re trying to solve." – Jeff Bezos

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Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary 23-Dec-2016

Quote for the day

"The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today." – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary 22-Dec-2016

Quote for the day

“There's a time to bet big, a time to bet small, and a time to bet nothing at all...” - Jack Sparrow

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary 21-Dec-2016

Quote for the day

"The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it." – Jordan Belfort

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Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary 20-Dec-2016

Quote for the day

"Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment." – Oprah Winfrey

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The 3 Biggest Fears Stopping Progress and Change

By Matt Crane

With the current state of our society, the violence, the hate being promoted and the unrest of the world and it’s relationships with one another, one could say that we should all be worried. One could say that, but for some that wouldn’t be the case.

You see businesses are being created virtually every minute, millions are being generated almost overnight by many, and the economy, while always volatile, is being reported very positively. What I’m seeing here is that for some it’s not going to be FEAR that rules but activity; however, for most that simply isn’t the case.

Based on the current state of affairs that the majority of human beings face in the world today one could argue that many have either settled on their current situation or have given up on their hopes and dreams.

When I see so many reactions and in some cases, overreactions, I see a much deeper answer than that of the one we get thrown from the nightly news, online headlines, and/or social media posts.

Check out the three main fears that I see as ruling the human condition and the actions or, lack there of, in so many people:

1. Fear Of Rejection

This is where people would rather “Go with the flow” to feel accepted than rather be an individual and risk doing that by themselves. I call this the Friendship Chameleon syndrome. So many people would rather fold their own sense of self to that of someone else and give full authority to someone else to speak for them and carry their persona because they simply don’t want to feel like they were rejected by that individual and or group.

“To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead.”
– Bertrand Russell

2. Fear of Loss

There is a very popular show that aired on A&E called “Hoarders”, where it chronicled the journey of people who held on to everything because they felt it helped them identify with their own self and/or it reminded them of happier times or people that have left them or their circle.

We do the same thing today with our jobs, our incomes, our relationships, and/or our networks. Instead of getting rid of the things that are no longer of value, bringing value, or solving our problems, we would rather pile them up, justify the “trash” and deal with it. This is because what we are really fearing is losing what we’ve always known to be reality instead of taking on a new challenge meant solely for us as the individual.

3. Fear of Failure

The most common of the big three, the fear of failure has frozen even the smartest and strongest of individuals. This is the cause of so many “stand still” or neutral feelings in our lives and businesses. So many people continue to manage their lives and businesses because it’s safe rather than raise our level of activity and go for broke to scale and create more income for ourselves or businesses due to the sense of failure if we don’t reach our ultimate goals.

What everyone needs to understand is that we will get rejected, we will lose something, and we will fail. It’s going to happen and recognising it early will help but, more importantly, let’s revert back to that old saying of “we can only control those things we can control.”

“If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.” – Sun Tzu

We can control our Fear of Rejection by building deeper networks and pipelines. We can control the Fear of Loss by dumping the things we don’t need or don’t want from our lives and businesses RIGHT NOW. We can control the Fear of Failure by creating so much activity in our lives and businesses that we no longer have the time or energy to even notice or focus on those times we fail.

The key to controlling ALL of these big 3 killers of progress of change is to simply go out and create opportunities, testimonials, and resumes of PROGRESS and CHANGE.

Quote for the day

"Every man who rises above the common level has received two educations: the first from his teachers; the second, more personal and important, from himself." - Edward Gibbon

Saturday, 17 December 2016

18 Habits That Will Make You Smarter

Cultivating smart habits is the key to unlocking your potential.

By Lolly Daskal

To be smart is great, but it doesn't happen overnight. If you want to become smarter, you have to create habits that will groom your intelligence and nourish your mind.

Some people are born smart, but most smart people do daily rituals to maintain their smartness. Whether they do it in leadership, business, the arts, or a different field, they push and challenge themselves daily.

Here are 18 habits that can help you become your smartest self:

1. Question everything. Don't assume anything or subscribe unthinkingly to the conventional wisdom. Keep your eyes and mind wide open. The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance but the illusion of knowledge--and questioning and curiosity are the key to overcoming it.

2. Read as much as you can.
 Many years ago, I started the habit of reading a book a day, and the wealth of knowledge I accumulate every week is priceless. Make reading a habit--serious reading, not celebrity gossip and lists on the web. Even if it's just part of a chapter each day, stick to your reading schedule and your intellect will be enriched.

3. Discover what motivates you.
 Find a topic that keeps you interested and dive in. It's easier to stay engaged with a topic you find stimulating. Find a format that stimulates your mind, too, whether it's a podcast or a newspaper. Feed your mind well with things it will enjoy.

4. Think of new ways to do old things. To be innovative means making creativity more important than the fear of being wrong. Even in the things you do every day, you can be inventive and experimental. When you take risks, make mistakes, and have fun instead of slogging through the same routine. You'll have a daily reminder that imagination and creativity can change the world.

5. Hang out with people who are smarter than you.
 Smart people have interesting things to talk about. They know how to expand their mind and feed their brain, so spending time with them is good for you on multiple levels. Seek them out at work, in service organisations, and socially.

6. Remember that every expert was once a beginner.
 When you have an opportunity to learn something new, you become smarter. Make a point of continuously and consistently acquiring new skills, because life will never stop teaching if you're willing to learn.

7. Make time to reflect. We're all so distracted, it's easy to dash from one thing to another without pausing to consider what it means. Make time to pause and reflect--reflection is an important part of the learning process.

8. Exercise your body.
 As you're caring for your mind don't neglect your body. Build discipline in doing what you need to do in terms of diet, exercise, and sleep.

9. Push yourself to become more productive.
 Being busy and being productive are two different things. The future you want is created by what you do. Smart people make the most of today.

10. Come up with new ideas daily.
 Carry a journal to jot down ideas when they come to you. Push yourself to be creative and to think in new ways. Review your ideas weekly and edit them as you go.

11. Do something that scares you. Facing your fears makes you braver, smarter, and better able to withstand what life throws at you. Sometimes the greatest rewards in life come from doing the things that scare you the most.

12. Replace TV with online learning.
 Devote your break time to something more productive than social media or binge watching TV. The internet is filled with awesome learning tools. It's a small habit but a big win if you can nourish your brain and advance your career and life at the same time.

13. Be mindful of what you are absorbing.
 Everything you take part in is either uplifting or detrimental to your mind. It's important to silence inner and outer negativity--once you do, you begin to play a role in shaping your mindsets and beliefs, which in turn guide your actions.

14. Read something you normally wouldn't.
 Every day, look online and in other media for topics, interests, or other sources that fall off your usual path. When you do, you absorb wisdom you would never have been able to access otherwise.

15. Share what you know.
 Learning something new is important, but sharing that knowledge makes what you've learned actionable and meaningful.

16. Apply your new knowledge.
 There really is no point in learning something if it doesn't make you smarter or inspire you to improve. The smartest people apply what they know not to become a person of success but rather to become a person of value.

17. Keep a journal. It turns out that journaling is an important way to become smarter. Taking a few minutes each day to reflect in writing has been shown to boost your brain power. Smart happens when you learn from your experiences.

18. Be selective. Intelligent people tend to have fewer friends than the average person--at least in part because the smarter you are, the more selective you become. Who you spend time with reflects who you are.

Start building smart habits today and see what happens to your thinking tomorrow.

Quote for the day

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort." - John Ruskin

Friday, 16 December 2016

Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary 16-Dec-2016

Quote for the day

"In education it isn't how much you have committed to memory or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you do know and what you don't. It's knowing where to go to find out what you need to know and it's knowing how to use the information you get." - William Feather

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary 15-Dec-2016

Quote for the day

"You have to trust in something--your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever." - Steve Jobs

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary 14-Dec-2016

Quote for the day

“Progressing forward as a trader is a matter of filling in knowledge gaps and connecting abstract concepts with vivid memories of real world application. The absolute beginner is so void of experience he has no idea where his gaps even are. At the point of starting out, all trading knowledge is a swirl of hypotheticals. The trick of advancement, then, is to go back and forth between theory and experience, theory and experience, in a regular intertwined dance.” - Jack Sparrow

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Quote for the day

"If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

Monday, 12 December 2016

The 7 Rules Confident People Follow

Confidence isn't an inborn trait. Here's how to build it.

By Brian de Haaff

Have you ever noticed that some people seem inherently confident while others prefer to comfortably fade into the background? You might argue that confidence is all in our upbringing or even our genetic makeup. But I do not think it is so simple.

I recently read an interview with Tim Cook in the Washington Post. One comment stood out -- he said that his skin has become "materially thicker" over time. Expanding on that point, the Apple CEO noted that "I think I'm a bit better today about compartmentalising things and not taking everything so personally." Even a self-assured CEO recognises there is always room for improvement.

Successful, forward-thinking people experience the ups and downs of life just like anyone else -- but they think differently about themselves and the world around them.

Their unique perspective helps them maintain confidence, even in the face of adversity. But they also adhere to a set of principles -- rules, if you will -- that help them take on challenges, opportunities, and everyday life situations.

The great news is that anyone can improve their confidence -- if they are willing to put forth the effort. Here are seven rules of confident people that you can adopt today:

1. Set a clear direction

Confident people know their priorities and set audacious goals for themselves. Sir Edmund Hillary, the first mountaineer to summit Mt. Everest, said, "You don't have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things -- to compete. You can be just an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated to reach challenging goals." Recognise that life passes by quickly, and do not waste a single day on goals that are not meaningful.

2. Invest in yourself

It is important to have faith in your own abilities. But you also must invest time and energy into learning so you can continually offer your best. In his first sales job, Mark Cuban read software manuals so he would feel confident selling the product. Identify areas where you could improve and shore up your knowledge so that you can handle any situation with composure.

3. Face your fears

Being self-assured does not give a person a natural immunity to fear. But confident people do not let fear prevent them from accomplishing goals. Eleanor Roosevelt pointed to the "real danger" of running away from fear, saying, "If you fail anywhere along the line, it will take away your confidence. You must make yourself succeed every time. You must do the thing you think you cannot do."

4. Do not conform

Track and field star Florence Griffith Joyner, who was known for her willingness to be herself, said, "When anyone tells me I can't do anything, I am just not listening anymore." Stop relying on the approval of others. Instead, dig deep and gather that fortitude from within. Celebrate your individuality and your unique strengths, and tune out the naysayers.

5. Bounce back quickly

It takes chutzpah to rebound from tough experiences or even failure. Stephen King, who has published more than 50 novels and hundreds of short stories, learned about rejection firsthand when his very first novel, Carrie, was turned down 30 times before it was accepted and published. Brian Acton was turned down for an engineering job at Facebook before co-founding WhatsApp (which he then sold to Facebook for $19 billion).

6. Let insults slide

Truly confident people look for value in criticism, but let insults roll right off. Julie Zhuo, vice president of product design at Facebook, learned to ignore good and bad press about the company -- instead focusing her attention on the vision and trusting the team. Some people may not want you to succeed and may try to tear you down. Do not let them.

7. Practice generosity

Self-assured people spend time thinking of how to make the world better. Bill and Melinda Gates are among those signing the Giving Pledge to give most of their wealth away to philanthropic causes. Having a giving spirit will give you a healthy confidence boost and keep your own troubles in perspective.

Confidence is not an inborn trait, and it does not develop overnight. Even if you lack that self-assurance right now, you do not have to stay that way. You too can become more fearless and self-assured -- if you are willing to work at it.

Quote for the day

"Men are not punished for their sins, but by them." - Kin Hubbard

Sunday, 11 December 2016

10 Simple Wealth Building Habits

Here are ten steps to growing your personal wealth through good financial habits.
  1. Be long stocks during bull markets.
  2. Exit stocks and go to cash during bear markets.
  3. Buy your home in an area that is growing in population, business, and opportunities.
  4. Create cash flowing assets.
  5. Buy bonds only when interest rates are high +6%.
  6. If you want a job then choose a skill that can be applied to a career in an industry that is growing.
  7. The more value you create for your customers, boss, or company the more money you will make.
  8. Ideas applied correctly is the biggest wealth creator in the 21st century.
  9. The less expenses you have the more capital you will free up for investments.
  10. You can’t get rich from selling your time, wealth is created through the leverage of assets and the compounding growth of capital.

Wealth is created through the conversion of your time into financial assets and then growing those assets through compounding their returns over time.


Quote for the day

"All problems, depressions, wars, disasters, assassinations, all of them were planned, caused, instigated, and implemented by the International Bankers and their attempt to establish a central bank in every country in the world, which they have now done, thanks to corrupt politicians who have been bought and paid for. This is all you need to know about the history of the world." - John F. Kennedy

Saturday, 10 December 2016

10 Reasons Why Most Stock Investors Fail

Learn from the wisdom of words and get successful at stock market investing
By Vibhu Vats

'The stock market is all gamble.'

'Making money in the stock market is all about luck.'
'The easiest way to financial ruins passes through the stock market.'

How often do you hear people say the above things or things similar to them? In fact, if you check the average person's view of the stock market, you would be convinced that the stock market is the earthly analogue of hell. However, once in a while you also learn about some people who are making huge gains in the market. You may have wondered how it is that these handful of people made gains in the market, when most lose. Is there some magic formula?

But first let us turn the matter around slightly. Which is responsible for losses in the stock market: the market or the investor? Contrary to the popular notion that the market is to be cursed, it is the investor who is to be blamed. Why? Because the Indian stock market, like most other stock markets, has maintained an upward bias over the years. The Sensex had closed at 1,908 in 1991. The current level of the Sensex is around 29,000. Do you still think the market is the problem?

Why then most people fail in the stock market? Your quest for the holy grail ends here. The answer had always been there, only it had to be put in the right context. It is there in the words of the gurus of stock investing. Here is a short compilation of the wisdom of the gurus which will reveal to you the secret of winning in the stock market.

1. Failing to appreciate what common stocks are

"Although it's easy to forget sometimes, a share is not a lottery ticket... it's part-ownership of a business." - Peter Lynch

"Behind every stock is a company. Find out what it's doing." - Peter Lynch
2. Not studying the business before investing in the stock

"Know what you own, and know why you own it." - Peter Lynch

"If you don't study any companies, you have the same success buying stocks as you do in a poker game if you bet without looking at your cards." - Peter Lynch
3. Failing to invest or stay invested in a good stock during times of crisis

"Unless you can watch your stock holding decline by 50 per cent without becoming panic-stricken, you should not be in the stock market." - Warren Buffett

"Cash combined with courage in a time of crisis is priceless." - Warren Buffett

4. Not thinking long term and not being disciplined and patient

"If you are not willing to own a stock for 10 years, do not even think about owning it for 10 minutes." - Warren Buffett

"Successful Investing takes time, discipline and patience. No matter how great the talent or effort, some things just take time: You can't produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant." - Warren Buffett
5. Indulging in derivatives and stock trading

"Deivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction." - Warren Buffett

"As in roulette, same is true of the stock trader, who will find that the expense of trading weights the dice heavily against him." - Benjamin Graham

6. Paying too much for the stock

"If you are shopping for common stocks, choose them the way you would buy groceries, not the way you would buy perfume." - Benjamin Graham

"Confronted with a challenge to distill the secret of sound investment into three words, we venture the motto, Margin of Safety." - Benjamin Graham
7. Blindly following the crowd

"We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful." - Warren Buffett

"Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from those who take the subway." - Warren Buffett

8. Making exceptions to sound investing principles as per the latest fad

"The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator." - Benjamin Graham

"With every new wave of optimism or pessimism, we are ready to abandon history and time-tested principles; but we cling tenaciously and unquestioningly to our prejudices." - Benjamin Graham

9. Underestimating your potential as an investor

"Twenty years in this business convince me that any normal person using the customary three percent of the brain can pick stocks just as well, if not better, than the average Wall Street expert." - Peter Lynch

"If you have more than 120 or 130 I.Q. points, you can afford to give the rest away. You don't need extraordinary intelligence to succeed as an investor." - Warren Buffett

10. Last but not the least: Making costly mistakes

"It is remarkable how much long-term advantage people like us have gotten by trying to be consistently not stupid, instead of trying to be very intelligent." - Charlie Munger

"Rule #1: Never lose money; Rule #2: Never forget Rule #1." - Warren Buffett

Quote for the day

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment." - Jim Rohn

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Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary 09-Dec-2016

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"The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice, the fifth teaching others." - Solomon Ibn Gabirol

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary 08-Dec-2016

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"All the events of your past have formed a lens, or paradigm, through which you see the world. And since no one's past is exactly like anyone else's, no two people see alike." - Sean Covey

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary 07-Dec-2016

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“Most of the billionaires I know are tortured and not that happy, honestly... the truth is, having money does not equal success and happiness.” - David Rubenstein

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary 06-Dec-2016

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"The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty." - Zig Ziglar

Monday, 5 December 2016

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Inside The Trader's Brain: Decision-Making and Emotional Arousal

By Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D.

For years, behavioural finance researchers have been aware that people's decision making is greatly affected by how choices are framed. For instance, the same monetary bet framed as a choice between a certain vs. risky gain and a certain vs. risky loss elicits very different choices. (We tend to take certain gains, but will seek risky losses to avoid certain loss). 

Studies using functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) find that we expend less cognitive effort in taking a sure gain than in choosing risky gains, sure losses, or risky losses. It may well be that traders don't let their profits run simply because they take the easy way out cognitively. Conversely, traders may be reluctant to set and follow stops because of the greater cognitive effort required.

It turns out, however, that this taking the easy way out and avoiding difficult decisions may not be a function of laziness. A very interesting investigation coming out of the Institute of Neurology at University College London finds that the framing effect on decision making is mediated by an emotional centre within the brain: the amygdala. This is the same brain centre that cognitive neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux has linked to our response to stress and trauma.

The implications are significant. When blood flow is directed away from the brain's executive centre, the frontal cortex, and the amygdala and associated emotional centres are activated, we are likely to underutilised those executive functions--reasoning, judgement, planning--and respond to our (emotional) framing of choices with a lack of effort. Going with our feelings might just be the reason we don't think through our choices.

It is also likely that we frame our choices differently during periods of focus/concentration vs. emotional arousal. Stressful episodes in the market, activating the amygdala, are likely to elicit a framing that is different from the careful trade planning we conduct when we are cool and calm. Research, for instance, finds that fear and anger colour our decision making about preparing for terrorism-related risks. Emotional factors have also been found to colour decision making about economic choices.

This helps to explain why I have found biofeedback to be extraordinarily helpful for traders who experience emotional disruptions of decision making. By working with traders in stressful situations and having them control their level of arousal during these episodes, biofeedback enables them to retain access to their executive capabilities. In a very important sense, successful traders train their brains for accurate decision-making under stressful circumstances.

Sometimes, looking back on our trading decisions, we wonder if we were in our right minds. How accurate that concern turns out to be! Some of the best trading psychology interventions are the ones that keep us in our right minds as we make decisions under conditions of risk and uncertainty.

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"Before you criticize others, remember, they may not have had the same opportunities in life as you have had." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Every Country’s Tourism Slogan

Albania – Go your own way!
Algeria – Tourism for everybody
Andorra – The Pyrenean Country
Antigua and Barbuda – The beach is just the beginning
Argentina – Beats to your rhythm
Armenia – Visit Armenia, It is Beautiful
Australia – There’s NOTHING like Australia
Austria – Arrive and revive
Bahamas – Life Is Grand
Bahrain – Ours. Yours. Bahrain
Bangladesh – Beautiful Bangladesh
Barbados – Brilliant Barbados
Belarus – Hospitality Beyond Borders
Belgium – The place to be
Belize – Mother Nature’s Best-Kept Secret
Bhutan – Happiness is a place
Bolivia – Bolivia awaits you
Bosnia and Herzegovina – The heart of SE Europe
Botswana – Our pride, your destination
Brazil – Brasil – sensational!
Brunei Darussalam – A kingdom of unexpected treasures
Bulgaria – A discovery to share
Burundi – Beautiful Burundi
Cabo Verde – No stress
Cambodia – Kingdom of wonder
Cameroon – All of Africa in one country
Canada – Keep exploring
Chad – Oasis of the Sahel
Chile – All are welcome
China – China Like Never Before
Colombia – Colombia is magical realism
Costa Rica – Essential Costa Rica
Croatia – Full of life
Cuba – Autentica Cuba
Cyprus – Cyprus in your heart
Czech Republic – Land of stories
Denmark – Happiest place on Earth!
Djibouti – Djibeauty
Dominica – The nature island
Dominican Republic – Dominican Republic has it all
Ecuador – All you need is Equador
Egypt – Where it all begins
El Salvador – The 45 Minute Country
Estonia – Epic Estonia
Ethiopia Land of origins
Fiji – Where Happiness Finds You
Finland – I wish I was in Finland
France – Rendez vous en France
Gambia – The smiling coast of Africa
Georgia – For the best moments of your life
Germany – Simply inspiring
Greece – All Time Classic
Grenada – Pure Grenada
Guatemala – Heart of the Mayan World
Guyana – South America Undiscovered
Haiti – Experience It!
Honduras – Everything is here
Hungary – Think Hungary more than expected
Iceland – Inspired by Iceland
India – Incredible !ndia
Indonesia – Wonderful Indonesia
Iran – You Are Invited
Iraq – The Other Iraq (Kurdistan)
Ireland – Jump into Ireland
Israel – Land of Creation
Italy – Made in Italy
Jamaica – Get All Right
Japan – Endless discovery
Jordan – Yes, it’s Jordan
Kazakhstan – The land of wonders
Kenya – Magical Kenya
Kiribati – For travellers
Kyrgyzstan – Oasis on the Great Silk Road
Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Laos) – Simply Beautiful
Latvia – Best enjoyed slowly
Lebanon – Live Love Lebanon
Lesotho – The Kingdom In The Sky
Liechtenstein – Experience princely moments
Lithuania – See it! Feel it! Love it! Real is beautiful
Luxembourg – Live your unexpected Luxembourg
Macedonia – Macedonia Timeless
Madagascar – A genuine island, a world apart
Malawi – The warm heart of Africa
Malaysia – Truly Asia
Maldives – The sunny side of life
Malta – Truly Mediterranean
Mauritius – It’s a pleasure
Mexico – Live It to Believe It
Micronesia (Federated States of) – Experience the warmth
Monaco – Easy going Monaco
Mongolia – Go Nomadic
Montenegro – Wild Beauty
Morocco – Much mor
Mozambique – Come to where it all started
Myanmar – Let the journey begin
Namibia – Endless horizons
Nepal – Once is not enough
Netherlands – The original cool
New Zealand – 100% Pure
Nicaragua – Unica. Original!
Nigeria – Good people, great nation
Norway – Powered by nature
Oman – Beauty has an address
Pakistan – It’s beautiful, it’s Pakistan
Palau – Pristime Paradise Palau
Panama – Panama Surprises
Papua New Guinea – A million different journeys
Paraguay – You have to feel it!
Peru – Land of the Incas
Philippines – It’s more fun in the Phillipines
Poland – Move your imagination
Portugal – Europe’s West Coast
Qatar – Where dreams come to life
Republic of Korea (South Korea) – Imagine your Korea
Republic of Moldova – Discover the routes of life
Romania – Explore the Carpathian garden
Russian Federation – Reveal your own Russia
Rwanda – Remarkable Rwanda
Saint Kitts and Nevis – Follow your heart
Saint Lucia – Simply beautiful
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – Discover SVG
Samoa – Beautiful Samoa
San Marino – San Marino For All
Saudi Arabia – Experience to discover
Serbia – My Serbia
Seychelles – Another world
Sierra Leone – The freedom to explore
Singapore – Your Singapore
Slovakia – Travel in Slovakia – Good idea
Slovenia – I feel SLOVEnia
Solomon Islands – Seek the unexplored
South Africa – Inspiring new ways
Spain #spainindetail
Sri Lanka – Wonder of Asia
Suriname – A Colorful Experience… Exotic beyond words
Swaziland – A royal experience
Switzerland – Get natural
Syrian Arab Republic – Always Beautiful
Tajikistan – Feel the friendship
Thailand – Amazing Thailand. It begins with the people
Timor-Leste – Being first has its rewards
Tonga – The true South Pacific
Trinidad and Tobago – The true Caribbean
Tunisia – I feel like Tunisia
Turkey -Be our guest
Tuvalu – Timeless Tuvalu
Uganda – You’re welcome
Ukraine – It’s all about U
United Arab Emirates – Discover all that’s possible
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – Home of amazing moments
United Republic of Tanzania – The land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the Serengeti
United States of America – All within your reach
Uruguay – Uruguay natural
Uzbekistan – Naturally Irresistible!
Vanuatu – Discover what matters
Venezuela – Venezuela is your destination!
Vietnam – Timeless charm
Zambia – Let’s explore
Zimbabwe – A world of wonders


Quote for the day

"The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way." - Robert Kiyosaki

Friday, 2 December 2016

Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary 02-Dec-2016

Quote for the day

"There are two ways of exerting one's strength: one is pushing down, the other is pulling up." - Booker T. Washington

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary 01-Dec-2016

Quote for the day

"A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you." - Joyce Meyer

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

CSE - Percentage wise Top 25 Gainers and Losers in November 2016 & YTD

Top Gainers in November 2016

Top Losers in November 2016

Top Gainers YTD (Year-to-date)

Top Losers YTD (Year-to-date)

Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary 30-Nov-2016

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"Intelligence is measured by a person's ability to see validity within both sides of contradicting arguments." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary 29-Nov-2016

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"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." - T. S. Eliot