Saturday, 23 December 2017

Simple Formula for Living

1. Live beneath your means
2. Return everything you borrow
3. Stop blaming other people
4. Admit it when you make a mistake
5. Give clothes not worn to charity
6. Do something nice and try not to get caught
Listen more; talk less
8. Take a 30 minute walk everyday
9. Strive for excellence, not perfection
10. Be on time. Don’t make excuses
11. Don’t argue.
12. Get Organized
13. Be kind to unkind people
14. Let Someone cut ahead of you in line
15. Take time to be alone
16. Cultivate good manners
17. Be humble
18. Realize and accept that life isn’t fair
19. Know when to keep your mouth shut
20. Go on an entire day without criticizing anyone
21. Learn from the past. Plan for the future
22. Live in the present
23. Don’t sweat the small stuff
24. It’s all small stuff

Quote for the day

"We never get upset over what happens. Never. We get upset because of preconceived ideas as to what we think should happen, what we want to happen. When our preference clashes with the reality, we get hurt. Rid yourself of all preconceived ideas as to what should happen. You are then at peace whatever happens." - Vernon Howard