Monday, 31 December 2018

Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary 31-Dec-2018

Quote for the day

“While end of the year is approaching you, let you start cleaning your heart & soul beginning from deterging your own dirty & filthy attitudes, behaviors, habits & meaningless lifestyle. Let you scrub out all the accumulated stains of your regrets, selfishness, annoyances & resentments from your soul. Let you wipe away all the leftover parts of the past that are unwanted & may restrict you from moving into the next year with confidence. Let you completely remove all the clutter from your schedule & your mind to create more space to focus on what is truly important. Let you do all you can to live at peace not only with your world but with yourself also & resolve all your conflicts quickly to lead a happy & blessed life. Stay Beautiful & Successful!” - Rajesh Goyal